from In the beginning there was sound, released December 12, 2013
Vocals: Katya Tasheva
Producer: Hugo Molina
Sequencing and Computer: Hugo Molina
Bass Guitar: Mac Abrahams
E-Guitar: Wolfgang Effenberg
Backing Vocals: Hugo Molina, Mac Abrahams, Wolfgang Effenberg
Text: Katya Tasheva
Mastering: Jen Guettes



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Sonora Milagrosa Berlin, Germany

Sonora Milagrosa.

Band Members (Currently):

Anais Furtado – Main Vocals (Brasil)
Martin von Ruegen AKA Chino – Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals (Germany)
Amauta Casas – E-Guitar (Peru)
Hugo Molina AKA DJ Trece – Sequencer/Electronics/Drums/Arrangements/Production/DJing (El Salvador)
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